Get to know Dwain Downing

Hello, my name is Dwain Downing and if you are in need, I would like to be your attorney, To help you to know me a little better I would like to tell you a bit about myself.

I was born and raised in a small Texas border town called Del Rio. After graduating from Del Rio High School, I moved to the big city of Lubbock and attended then graduated from Texas Tech with a major in history and a minor in anthropology.

Looking for a change in my life I spent a year in the Los Angeles, California metropolitan area working various jobs, including insurance adjusting. Many of the claims I adjusted involved lawyers. It seemed nobler to represent clients instead of insurance companies and I thought I could best represent those clients as an attorney.

I was accepted by, and Graduated from Western State University School of Law at San Diego in 1980. Passing the State Bar of California in 1981, I worked for myself until 1985 when I decided to move back to my roots in Texas.
My time in California opened my eyes to different people and different cultures. People in Texas and California are more alike than they are different. Both states are filled with mostly good people.

In 1985, I started working for a small law firm in Del Rio, Texas. While there, I learned the ins and outs of running a general law practice with an emphasis on personal injury. In 1988, I got married to Vanessa, moved to the DFW Metroplex, and started a job with the old Hyatt Legal Services. Then, we had our first child.
At Hyatt, I continued to general law with a heavy emphasis on family law. In 1990, I purchased my office from Mr. Hyatt and became self-employed again and have been operating as a self-employed attorney ever since.

I have handled thousands of cases over the years. My staff and I strive to provide the best, fastest service available. We feel that our practice of law is our calling from God and that we must be as good in this practice as we humanly can be.

If you want competent, experienced legal representation please come by one of our two offices serving Dallas and Tarrant Counties. We will make you feel welcome and it would be an honor to have you come in, meet us, and allow us to handle your legal issue.

Divorce / Family Law

We believe that families are at the center of our society. However, we do understand that occasionally families struggle. When you feel you need an advocate or just advice about your family situation, divorce, custody, support, or for whatever reason, we are here to help with compassion and experience in dealing with these tough family issues.

Wills / Probate

A will can help to releive the burden on our loved ones and assist in making your wishes known when you are no longer able to voice those desires.

During a time of grief you need someone to be your advocate through the probate process. We understand how trying these times can be and wish to help you as much as possible.

Consumer Bankruptcy

In today’s economy it gets hard to make ends meet. Then, when something unexpected occurs it becomes easy to fall so far behind that anadvocate is needed to intercede for us. Bankruptcy may become our best option to protect ourselves and our families. With over 25 years of experience we at Dwain Downing, understand these issues and the laws that surround them, and with understanding and experience we can help you to deal with your financial problems .

Criminal Law

Sometimes we come face to face with the harsh realities of the legal system. This is when we need someone to be our advocate, to help us present our side of the issue, an attorney that is competent and experienced.

Dwain Downing has over 25 years experience as an advocate both in and out of court. We have handled cases ranging from petty theft to homicide. Let us help you through this stressful time.